Take Shrinky Jr Mc O'Neil on an adventure deeper and deeper into the depths of the mindless mansion! A fast-paced arcade shooter made in three days for Ludum Dare 48 by three people!

How to play
Dodge enemies and reach the door with the golden handle in the shortest time possible!
 to move, Space to jump.
Q - Drop Grenade (Slow, but highly damaging to both enemies and the player)
Left Click - Shoot bullet (Fast but incredibly ineffective except on small enemies)

Project credits!
Btdyaya - Lead Programmer and Lighting
JesterGlee - Programming, UI and Level Design
Danen Cassidy - Sound, Models and Level Design (Follow me on instagram!)

Any and all feedback is appreciated! Let us know what you want in the comments!

If this gets enough support, we could consider working it into a full game with multiple distinct floors, bosses, items and much more!

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